Most of these resources were suggested by members of the working group who cooperated in the first draft of the Accords. We very much welcome any addition or suggestion.

General references related to the Stockholm Accords

Institute for PR a repository of the current global body of knowledge for applied public relations research.

The rise of the Network Society

Business Effective Communication (2009), by Sven Hamrefors for the Swedish Association of Public Relations. A summary of a five year research program.
Not only this report but also the various interim phases are all in the English language.

The Authentic Enterprise (2008) a report by the Arthur Page Society. a revealing website on the value of pr, co-managed by the German pr association and the University of Leipzig

Public Relations Society of America  a revealing web space in the website of the public relations society of America

From PR to strategic communication management Benita Steyn’s note to the Stockholm accord’s working group on ‘from pr to communication management’

Work done for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK Anne Gregory’s note on work done for the NHS

Jan Kleinnijenhuis (2008) Empirical research in contemporary social sciences relevant to public relations

B. van Ruler, A. Tkalac Verčič & D. Verčič (Eds.), Public relations metrics: Research and evaluation (pp. 60-87). New York & London: Routledge.

Edward Bernay´s  The Engineering of Consent (1923)

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Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing, Thomas Hofmann

Latent semantic analysis - Scholarpedia.

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The Digitisation of the Economy From a lecture at Bournemouth University 2006 to the Stockholm Accords David Phillips

The Communicating Organisation National Health Service, UK

IABC Employee Engagement

Strategic Reflection as the Strategic Role of PR

Internal communication

The Human Element – Employee Communication in Small to Medium-sized Businesses, by Tamara Gillis, ABC, Ed.D., and Insightrix Research Services

Best Practices in Employee Communication (2005) Sponsored by & Conducted by Right Management Consultants

Communication Behavior of Virtual Workforces (2003) by Krishna P. Kandath, Ph.D., John Oetzel, Ph.D., Everett M. Rogers, Ph.D., Ann M. Mayer-Guell, Ph.D.

Measuring Organizational Trust (2000) By Pamela Shockley-Zalabak, Ph.D., Kathleen Ellis, Ph.D., Ruggero Cesaria, Sponsored by United Technologies


King 3 Report on corporate governance (2009) and, specifically, the chapter 8 on stakeholder relationship governance (see attachment King Report on Governance)

Global stakeholder Relationship governance, a paper by Toni Muzi Falconi

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Tomorrow´s company

Global Reporting Initiative

UN Global Compact

UN Governance Centre


AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard


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Vision 2050 – The new agenda for business, The Business Council for Sustainable Development