Journalists and bloggers are welcome to apply for accreditation to the World Public Relations Forum. Apply by sending an e-mail to stating full name and newspaper/blog, preferrably with a link to said newspaper/blog.

There are two criterias for bloggerpass, however these will also be taken into account for applicants for journalist accreditation.

  1. Your blog is about media, communications, PR, marketing, internet, business or leadership. 
  2. You blog in your sparetime or as a freelance.

Hence, we do not give bloggerpass to bloggers from companyblogs, or bloggers hired by well-known companies. This is because we firts and foremost wish to give those who otherwise do not have the opportunity a chance to participate. To help us in this, we also look at:

  1. Twingly ranking
  2. Renommé, how well-known your blog is in it´s field (nationally or internationally)
  3. Bloggers who post often rank higher.