The Stockholm Accords

Toni Muzi Falconi, Senior Counsel of Methodos (Italy) is one of the brain forces around the Stockholm Accords, and explains the process which will engage both audience and speakers towards a new era of Public Relations.

“The process took off last week and will continue until mid June, only to resume immediately after the Forum in its phase of implementation, coordination and monitoring.

The basic idea is that the World PR Forum in Stockholm will focus on the two concepts of today’s networked society and communicative organization; elaborating on the role of public relations leadership by interactively discussing six themes, to reach a final draft of the Stockholm Accords.

The Stockholm Accords are an entirely and globally collaborative effort which will suggest in maximum four pages (supported however by plenty of research documents, links and suggestions) how the global public relations community may deliver a voluntary and concerted effort through individual professionals, educators, agencies, consultancies, associations and managers to argue the authentic value of public relations in today’s society.

This means YOU, TOO!

Each participant may select – according to one’s specific needs and preferences- one or more themes; use one or more supporting arguments, in dialogue with one or more stakeholder groups; adopting one or more performance indicators.

The themes relate to:

° governance
° management
° internal communication
° marketing
° sustainability
° alignment of internal and external communication

These six themes accompanied by a very succinct first description were discussed last Tuesday (February 16) by some 40 global professional leaders from 16 countries and six continents who have accepted an invitation to do so in a digital synchronous video and audio workshop on the Cisco-Webex-Connexia environment.

Six volunteer colleagues from as many countries have accepted to coordinate working groups amongst the 40 participants which will interact via email for ten days following the first workshop.

Participants will reconvene on March 9 for a second and final workshop adopting the same Connexia platform to review and approve a first rough draft of the Accords.

This draft will then be immediately posted on the Forum site, and a blog will allow public relations community members from all over the world to express and discuss their views, suggest additions, amendments, modifications until the eve of the Forum.

This second draft will then be discussed in six live and highly interactive sessions in Stockholm where six provocateurs will stimulate discussion in a setting where the 400 expected participants will be seated around tables of six/eight, equipped with all the necessary visual aids to further modify the draft, which will be formally approved by organizations, individuals, agencies, companies, educational institutions who will also commit to implement the Accords for a two-three year period in every corner of the world.

The Global Alliance will try to coordinate, moderate and report on it.”